Back from Vegas…

We’re back from Las Vegas and have had some good success in promoting the site and getting new volunteers to contribute. Special thanks to Jon Turner for providing new incidents and data from the UK. We don’t always hear about non-US events in a timely fashion over here in the States, so any input from overseas is appreciated!

Updates to’s Data Loss web page and RSS feed are gradually slowing down as we continue to migrate resources to Our target date for a complete conversion, which will also include the Data Loss Mail List, is September 1. Hopefully, it will be a transparent migration. We’ll keep everyone posted as events happen.

Please keep in mind that during this time of transition, we would like to extend an offer to anyone interested: JUMP IN! If you would like to make an account or edit anonymously, please do. As Jericho said in a recent mail list post:

“Again, thank you for the praise, but please remember that we’re stretched thin between, and and those pesky day jobs and significant others. It would be extremely helpful if more people would spend fifteen minutes a week updating those sites with us, or contributing to new ideas like this one.”

Posted by Lyger.

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