Heartland Payment Systems Breach 100,000,000?

The Washington Post is reporting that the Heartland Payment Systems breach could top 100 million credit cards, though we haven’t heard anything official yet as to a grand total.

Over the past few days we’ve been hearing noises about a potentially large breach affecting banks across the country, and this morning Heartland announced their breach. There are still questions as to whether or not all the noise we’ve been hearing is directly related to this breach, but to be sure a good chunk of it must be.

It would appear per the onslaught of articles being posted about the breach (see the references section of the breach) that this was some sort of malware induced incident at the payment processor, which happens to be one of the largest in the country. Many are poking fun at the timing of this announcement.

We will set a total on the breach once the dust settles a little, and more information is released. As we learned from previous breaches, the total can and does fluctuate immediately following disclosure, as more information becomes available.

Posted by d2d.

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