The Blotter, Heartland, and Donations

According to a article, a suspect has been pinpointed in the Heartland breach, and the suspect is international. Also, banks around the country are in the process of notifying their customers. Some Attorney General’s Offices are also inquiring about the incident.

We are waiting a little bit for the dust to settle, and then we intend to send out FOIA equivalent requests to receive Primary Sources for the Archive. Once we know more about the total breadth and scope of this, we’ll be sure to share. But in the meantime, introducing…

The Blotter, a new resource we’re pushing news on identity theft to. Many “breaches” or breach-like incidents cross our desks every day, many don’t quite qualify for inclusion into our database as “Incidents”, such as the recent breach that may have exposed information about millions, but does not appear to qualify as a trigger under most breach notification laws — the data simply isn’t what most laws consider “sensitive” enough. We’ll be updating this very regularly.

Lastly, we have several pending Freedom of Information requests that we’re waiting on, and several more to make, but these things are expensive! Please donate using the buttons below to help us fund this endeavor.


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