Primary Sources Update & New Maryland Data

Since the launch of the Primary Sources Archive, we’ve added 221 new incidents discovered from primary sources research, and 616 primary sources have been linked to incidents. 56% of the primary sources we’ve classified to date either resulted in new incidents, or were attached to incidents that came from primary sources. This highlights the tremendous value of obtaining these documents, and our efforts in scanning and classifying them.

Thanks to all who have either contributed funding, time, or primary sources themselves to the project.

On other matters, Maryland released a group of primary sources on their website recently, and we’ve classified them. Many we already had, but these are either new or updated:

  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) – 2009-01-29
    “Missing” laptop from office building contained personal data (names, SSNs) of unspecified people.
    This is a new entry.
  • MassMutual Financial Group – 2009-01-26
    Accidental disclosure of client information to another client.
    This is a new entry.
  • SRA International – 2009-1-20
    Company is notifying “all” current and former employees, as well as some clients regarding a Virus that had breached a system containing personal information.
    This is a new entry.
  • Hewlett Packard – 2009-1-15
    The December HP breach involving a stolen laptop has been increased in size (an additional 601 MD residents affected, added to the previous 626.
  • Ameriprise Financial – 2008-12-24
    Vague intrusion via a third party puts Ameriprise Advisor Services (Formerly H&R Block Financial Advisors) client information at risk, including transaction information, bank information, name, address, holdings, and tax information.
    This is a new entry.
  • Harford Community College – 2008-12-17
    Lost flash drive contains personal details of 70 workforce development students.
    This is a new entry.

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