Monthly Archives: March, 2009

Card Processor Developments & New Features

Several news outlets are reporting that RBS Worldpay and Heartland have had their PCI compliant status removed by VISA. Prior to this move, the two had been listed as being “Under Review”, and were the only two organizations on the entire list to be footnoted as such.

In other news, we have several new features. We now require a login, and acceptance of terms for downloading the database. We’ve also added a new download format. You can now download the contents of DataLossDB in mysqldump format. We also have the following new features:

  • Data Loss Stock Analysis – A Feature that allows users to analyze the potential effects of data loss incidents on publicly traded companies.
  • Stock Charts on Incident Pages – Every incident now shows the stock activity before, during, and after a data loss incident.
  • Stock Charts on Organization Pages – Every organization page of a publicly traded company now shows their stock charts during the time of the incident.

Take these stock statistics with a grain of salt. There are many things that affect the price of a given stock, and these detailed analysis of these charts is required before drawing any conclusions. These new features are also still under development, and we’re aware of some graphs not displaying properly.

We’ve recently received a new batch of Primary Sources. Two of them from volunteers in our 50 states FOIA project! Thank you to those of you participating. For those who are interested, email curators@ to find out more. Another batch was one we processed directly from Hawaii. The Hawaii batch begins with a document dated 2007-01-17, and ends with a document dated 2009-01-07. You can see all 70 of them here:

There are several in that batch that we don’t have as incidents yet, and we’ll process them as soon as we can. If you’d like to help out, let us know.

You can see the other states, Wisconsin (gathered by volunteer swtornio), and Michigan (gathered by volunteer Alina Johnson) here:

We’ll be announcing a new contest soon, with some great prizes for winning contestants, thanks to some spectacular sponsorship offers. If your organization is interested in sponsoring it, there’s also room for more prizes. Contact for more information.