Credit Cards, BreachCenter, T-Mobile, Oh My…

It appears that Capital One has announced a new program for helping non-profit organizations to raise funds (see picture). According to the plan, all rewards earned on these cards, including one percent of net purchases and an additional $25 with the first purchase, go directly to support the affiliated nonprofit organization. As a 501(c)(3), OSF is wondering if anyone might be interested in obtaining a DataLossDB Capital One card to make donating easier (and to help the economy!). We’re also accepting other ideas for card designs, such as “CHECK ID” on the front (thanks, Sullo!). Please contact us if this idea interests you or if you have any suggestions.

Also, we would like to announce that is now online. Intersections Inc. has partnered with Financial Services Roundtable and ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center, to provide this service, and OSF is contributing information on recent data breaches to the site. also features news and opinions from the ITAC blog. Please check them out when you can.

Lastly, T-Mobile has been in the news recently regarding an apparent data breach, which may or may not have involved its customers’ personal information. According toUSA Today, “The document ‘copied’ by the hacker Pwnmobile did not get into his hands via a hack, the company says. Information in the document is legitimate T-Mobile data, but is not customer information. Investigators can’t yet say for certain how Pwnmobile got his mitts on a copy of the document.” So while details are still sketchy, we’re following the story and will post information to the DataLoss Mail List as it becomes available.

More news to follow later in the week!

Posted by Lyger.

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