Back from Vegas… and other updates

The trip to Vegas went well, at least as far as 105 degree temperatures, several cab rides, and trips through airport security can go over the course of three or four days (and yes, it took us about a week to recover). Always good to get together with a few friends, meet some new people, and we hope that some of the conference attendees will contact us if they want to help out.

Dave presented a talk at Metricon in Montreal earlier today, and from his phone reports, it sounds like it was a success. We’ll have to wait until he’s back home until we get a complete recap, but he seems happy with the conference overall!

For those asking, we’re still working on Primary Sources and the new legal project… it’s just been a very busy last few weeks for us and we hope to catch up on email and get back to everyone in the next few days. As we mentioned on the mail list, we especially thank Altonius for jumping in and doing excellent work on the Primary Sources project, literally matching dozens of sources to existing incidents and adding dozens of new incidents to the database.

We still have several states to send Freedom of Information requests to, so please check out the Laws page if you might be interested in submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on OSF’s behalf. We’re not done with this yet, and your help would be GREATLY appreciated (we’ve been known to bribe/reward those who volunteer). For more information, please email us at

Posted by Lyger.

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