Hacking Exposed 78% Of All Records Compromised In First Half Of 2014

Mid-year 2014 data breaches exposed over 502 million records far exceeding the mid-year point in 2013, the previous all-time record setting year.

We are pleased to announce the release of the next installment of Risk Based Security’s Mid Year Data Breach QuickView report.

The report shows that 2014 is on pace to replace 2013 as the highest year on record for exposed records, and the recently reported exposure of 1.2 billion email addresses and user names has not been included. The 1,331 incidents reported during the first half of 2014 exposed over 502 million records, nearing 61% of the 814 million records exposed in 2013.

The Data Breach QuickView report also revealed that individuals’ user names, passwords and email addresses were exposed in 57% of reported incidents, with passwords taking the top spot at 70.1% of all Mid-year 2014 breaches.

Risk Based Security’s research suggests that organizations in all industries, regardless of size, should take an active approach to review their networks for security vulnerabilities in their applications, infrastructure and third party libraries. By doing so, organizations can reduce the time of exposure they are facing with many of today’s threats.

The Data Breach QuickView report was just released and is possible through the partnership and combined resources of Risk Based Security and the Open Security Foundation. It is designed to provide an executive level summary of the key findings from RBS’ analysis of the first half of 2014’s data breach incidents. You can view the announcement and report here. You can view the announcement and report here.

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