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New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia Primary Sources

We recently sent out a FOIA request to Virginia, and received a whole slew of documents in response. We’ve since scanned and processed them, and they are now in the Primary Sources Archive.

Thank you kindly Virginia!

Of these, the ones that we’ve found to be particularly interesting are:

New Hampshire posted a Best Buy breach notification today for a case of employee Fraud (skimmer) in Florida, making that two separate breach notifications for Best Buy made available today.

Maryland posted the very first we’ve seen officially of Heartland breach notifications. Little if anything new is really disclosed in it, however. One interesting quote is “We are not aware of any identity theft resulting from this incident”. Credit card fraud has been widely reported, but it would appear that at least according to Heartland, credit/debit card utilization under someone else’s name does not constitute identity theft. That is likely arguable.

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